Dear YL

According to schedule the 2025 SYLRA meeting is to be in Iceland. Due to the fact that Iceland is becoming very expensive for tourists, we have had a hard time trying to figure out what to do without getting into big personal financial risk.

And we have an idea: to do something totally different from other SYLRA meetings. We are thinking about an expedition style trip to a Scout center camping place in the South part of Iceland (Úlfljótsvatn) where we would operate TF1SYL the whole time. We would have the Radio Scout‘s shack for our use, indoor sleeping in bunks, all meals, nature and the possibility to install extra antennas at will so we can be QRV all the time while it is bright outside. .....

.....oh wait a moment, it is bright outside around the clock in the end of May in Iceland!

The only possible date is from May 28th  until June 1st 2025.

Price will be rather affordable since we will have the accommodation rented from the Scouts. Initial estimate is a not more than 150 000 ISK per person, including full meal.

So here is a short survey for you - would you like to join us? We need a minimum of 15 people so this can be possible. OM welcome as usually!

Please let us know how interested you are in this activity by email as soon as possible (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We would also like to know about those who are not interested. Pse note, this is not a registration, just an interest survey.