20ᵗ Anniversary

2003 – 2023

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Participants: Maya OH1MK/OH2HLZ • Tuulikki OH7XX • Jatta OH2IO/OH1LAG • Eine SMØUQW • Ingrid LA/SWL • Unni LA6RHA • Vala TF3VD/TF4VD • Anna TF3VB • Inger OZ7AGR • Raija SMØHNV
TF3VD Vala – Iceland LA6RHA Unni –Norway, electet chairwoman
SYLRA, which is an organization open to all YL and YL SWL will mainly be an Internet based organization with its own web pages.
Story of SYLRA Representatives from the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, N orway and Sweden An idea which was born during the International YL meeting in Pale rmo in June 2002, was then to become a reality.
OZ7AGR Inger – Denmark
During the meeting the following contact persons from each of SYLRA´s countries were elected: OH2IO Jatta – Finland
th came together in Copenhage n on August 15 2003 to establish the first joint YL organization.
SMØHNW Raija – Swede n Elected Webmaster: OH7XX Tuulikki
th Copenhagen Au gust 15 2003


Copenhagen, D


Participants: Inger OZ7AGR • Merja OH1EG • J atta OH2IO • Pirjo OH7GWA • Anita DK1HH • Dieter DK1HG • Rosel DL3KWR • Hardy DL3KWF • Hilde DL5U F • Gerda DL5OBK • Joachim DJ7TA • Anna TF3VB • Villi TF3VS • Vala TF3VD • Konni TF3KE • Nori 7K3EOP • Chizue JA1EYL • Toshiko JF1WMY Mio JR3MVF • Unni LA6RHA • Ingrid LA8FOA • Raja SM0HNV • Eine SM0UQW • Solveig SM6KAT • Bengt SM6GDU • Lia WA2NFY • Jeanie WA6UVF
Ÿ Sightseeing tour in Reykjavik surr oundings Places visited include the Fresh Water Plant "Gvendarbrunnar" and the Hydrothe rmal Plant at Nesjavellir Ÿ Further places ar e the crater "Kerið", Greenhouses where flower and vegetables are industrially grown, then the seashore where we had dinner in the evening
Ÿ Dinner, formal closing of SYLRA meeting 2005
SYLRA 2005 Agenda
Ÿ Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson president‘s reception at Bessastadir
th June 12 Arrival day
th June 13 Get together day
Ÿ Formal opening of SYLRA meeting 2005 Ÿ Work meetings, sessions include spre ading of Amateur Radio amongst women world wide
th June 15 Departure day
th June 14 The meeting day


Reykjavík, Icelan


Participants: Walli DJ6US • Mieko DJ7KJ • Ge rda DL5OBK • Joachim DL5TA • Bertin DJ9WH • Rosel DL3KWR • Hardy DL3KWF • Evelyne F5RP B • Ingrid LA8FOA • Lea LX 1TL • Marjatta OH1MK • Teuvo OH1BV • Inger OZ1AGR • Bjarne OZ2UV • Leena SA3ACG • Raija SM0HNV • Eine SM0UQW • Lars SM5CAI • Lars SM3CVM • Sven-Henrik SM3SZW • Lie SM3YNI • Kerstin SM5EUU • Ulla SM5XAX • Solveig SM6KAT • Bengt SM6GDU • Biny ZL2AZY • Merwyn ZL2AVY
Ÿ The King Chulalongkorn Memorial and SI9AM in Utanede
th August 25 The meeting d ay
Ÿ Radio activities at SI9AM visiting station Ÿ Thai pavilion / Nature path
Ÿ Formal opening of SYLRA meeting 2007 at Campus
rd August 23 The Arrival and BBQ day
Ÿ Guided tour on Moose garden
th August 26 Departure day
th August 24 The Thailand day
Ÿ Guided tour at the Death fall
SYLRA 2007 Agend a
Ÿ Dinner in the City hall, formal closing of SYLRA meeting 2007


Östersund, Sweden

Participants: Walli DJ6US • Hardy DL3KWF • Rosel DL3KWR • Renata F5RC • Evelyne F5RPB • Brian G0UKB • Rut h IT9ESZ • Miyoshi JR3MVF • John KT0F • Gunnel LA6JJ • Jan LA6JKA • Unni LA6RHA • Lise LA8FNA • Ingrid LA8FOA • Lea L X1TL • Liz M0ACL • Nicola M5YLO • Cheryl N0WBV • Teuvo OH1BV • Merj a OH1EG • Maya OH1MK • Annika OH2HSJ • Pirjo OH7GWA Bjarne OZ2UV • Inger OZ7AGR • Elin OZ7EA • Eine SM0UQW • L ars SM5CAI • Bengt SM6GDU • Solveig SM6KAT • Ruth SWL • Edward SWL • Anna TF3VB • Vala TF3VD • Christine VK5CTY • Sarla VU2SWS • Kay WA0W OF

September 3ᵈ


ival day

September 6ᵗ Departure day


Oscarsborg Fort guide

d tour


YL mee



The official dinner

SYLRA 2009 Agend a


Registration of p



End of SYLRA meeting


The Christmas House and the

Follo Museum in Drøbak


SYLRA board meeting

September 5ᵗ Meeting day

September 4ᵗ Sighseeing day


OM sightseeing tou



Kolbotn, Norway

Participants : Olga DJ0MCL • Walli DJ6US • Rosel DL3KWR • Hardy DL3KWF • Eve lyne F5RPB • Ruth IT9ESZ • Unni LA6RHA • Ingrid LA8FOA • Lea LX1TL • Me mma OH1EG • Sini OH1KDT • Tuula OH2FLM Annika OH2HSJ • Kaarina • Ritva OH5FM • Pirkko OH5GYM • Orvo OH5NE • Marita OH5KIZ • Teija OH6JCT • Pirjo OH7GWA • Inger OZ7AGR • Bj arne OZ2UV • Eine SM0UQW • Lars SM5CAI Solveig SM6KAT • Bent SM6GDU • Anna TF3VB • Vala TF3VD • Sharron ZL3AE • Glenn ZL3GL
• •
th August 13 Sightseeing day Ÿ Malmgård mansion guided tour. Count Creutz told about the mansion
th August 12 The SYLRA meeting day
Ÿ SYLRA meeting Ÿ Grill party
SYLRA 2011 Agend a
th August 11 Arrival day Ÿ Registration of p articipants
th August 14 Departure day
Ÿ Rutu mi mansion tour and lunch in the mansion
ŸA guided tour in Porvoo Ÿ An afternoon coffee in Haikko manor
Ÿ Visit to the Malmgård brewery and the mansion´s own store
Ÿ Lecture about amateur radio matters by Marko Saarela OH2LRD
Ÿ Dinner at Café Cabriole in Porvoo


Porvo, Finland

Participants: Isolde DF4ZX • Olga DJ0MCL • Christa DJ1TE • Joana DJ5YL • Carsten DLF1XC • Walli DJ6US • Gertrud DK8LQ • Horst DJ9FC • Nina DL2GRC • Holger DL8SCU • Rosel DL3K WR • Hardy DL3K WF • Ilse DL5FM • Dieter DL7FAT • Gerda DL 5OBK • Joachim DJ7TA • Hilde DL5 UF • Evelin DM4EZ • Falk DL1ASK • Evelyne F5RPB • Linda G0AJJ • Richard G6VOV • Chae HL1KDW • Ruth IT9ESZ • Vreni • Mio JR3MVF • Rose-Marie KB 4RM • Charles K4TY • Unni LA6RHA • Le a LX 1TL • Maya OH1MK Annika OH2HSJ • Kaarina • Pirkko OH5GYM • Orvo OH5NE • Marita OH5KIZ • Risto • Inger OZ7AGR • Bjarne OZ2UV • Ann- Marie SA6YLQ • Kerstin SM5EUU • Christer SM5BZL • Anita SM6FXW • Arne • Dieter DK1HG • Solveig SM6KAT • Bent SM6GDU • Anna TF3VB • Vala TF3VD • Dot VK2DB • John VK2ZOI • Christine VK5CTY • Jenny VK 5FJAY • Kevin VK5KZ • Tina VK5TMC • Robert VK 5ZHW • Karen W2ABK • Kay WA0WO F • Sharron ZL3AE • Glenn ZL3GL • Marjatta OH1MK • Teuvo OH1BV
Ÿ Bus drive to Bj arne and Inger's place for a Barbecue
nd August 22 Arrival day
rd August 23 YL meeting 2013 & Gal a dinner
Ÿ Roskilde Cathedral – Roskilde Market – Viking museum – Boat trip with coffee and cakes
Ÿ YL meeting at the Hotel Prindsen, Roskilde
th August 24 Sightseeing day in Roskilde
SYLRA 2013 Agend a
Ÿ Presentation from Clipperton Island 2013 DXpedition by Kenneth OZ1IKY
Ÿ Gala Dinner at Hotel Prindsen
th August 25 Departure day Ÿ Farewell breakfast at Hotel Prindsen


Roskilde, D


Participants: Sallie AE5OM • Joana DJ5YL • Carsten DF1XC • Janina SWL • Olga DJ0MCL • Walli DJ6US • Gertrud DK8LQ • Horst DJ9FC • Evelin DM4EZ • Falk DL1AL K • Rosel DL3KWR • Hardy DL3KWF Evelyne F5RPB • Linda G0AJJ • Richard G6VOV • Ruth IT9ESZ • Verena SWL • Unni LA6RHA • Ingrid LA8FOA • Lea L X1TL • Memma OH1EG • Marita OH5KIZ • Jaakko OH1TX • Teija OH6JCT • Vesa OH6LXA • Aleksi • Sini • Pirjo OH7GWA • Inger OZ7AGR • Bjarne OZ2UV • Kerstin SM5EUU Christer SM5BZL Anita SM6FXW • Arne SWL • Solveig SM6KAT • Bengt SM6GDU • Guðrún TF3GD • Villi TF3DX • Vala TF3VD Anna TF3VB • Villi TF3VS • Oddur TF3VO
• •
Ÿ Sightseeing and lunch on the way
th June 15 Sailing and farew ell
Ÿ Departure from Borgarnes to Stykkishólmur
Ÿ Arrival of the participants
th June 13 Opening d ay Ÿ Conference material distributed, opening ceremony, workshop, lunch and tour to Borgarnes
th June 14 Sightseeing day
Ÿ Farewe ll to participants who will not take the additional tour
th June 12 Arrival day
SYLRA 2015 Agend a
Ÿ Gala dinner in the evening and overnight stay at Hotel Stykkishólmur Ÿ Sailing tour in Breiðafjörður, museum trip, and closing ceremony


West coast, Iceland

Participants: Solveig SM6KAT • Bengt SM6GDU • Anita SM6FXW • Arne SWL • Kerstin SM5E UU • Christer SM5BZL • Ann-Marie SA6YLQ • Joana DJ5YL • Carsten DF1XC • Olga DJ0MCL • Gertrud DK 8LQ • Horst DJ9FC • Rosel DL3KWR • Hardy DL3KWF • Evelin DM4EZ • Falk DL1ALK • Evelyne F5RPB • Linda G0AJJ • Richard G6VOV • Rose-Marie KB4RM • Charles K4TY • Unni LA6RHA • Ingrid LA8FOA • Marita OH5KIZ • Jaakko OH1TX • Marjatta OH1MK • Teuvo OH1BV • Inger OZ7AGR • Bjarne OZ2UV • Elín TF2EQ • Anna TF3VB • Vala TF3VD • Sharron ZL3AE • Glenn ZL 3GL
Ÿ Lunch, guided tour at Gothenburg Radiomuseum, SK6RM
th Sept. 11 Departure day Ÿ SYLRA 2017 ending
th Sept. 10 Sightseeing day in Gothenbu rg
Ÿ Visiting the World Heritage Grimeton Radiostation Ÿ Gala dinner at a restaurant in Kungsbacka
Ÿ Guided tour at Onsala Space Observatory
Ÿ "Fika" (Swedish for cof febreak) at Kungsbacka Radioamatörer, SK6KY Ÿ Time at the club, meeting local hams and having dinner
th Sept. 9 Varber g, south of Kungsb acka
Ÿ First stop is Onsala Church
th Sept. 8 Bustrip to Onsala
SYLRA 2017 Agenda
th Sept. 7 Arrival day


Kungsbacka, Sweden

Participants: Rosel DL3KWR • Hardy DL3KWF • Unni LA6RHA • Ingrid LA8FOA • Anita SM6FXW • Arne S WL Bengt SM6GDU • Solveig SM6KAT • Gertrud DK 8LQ • Horst DJ9FC • Vala TF3VD • Anna TF3VB • Elin TF2EQ • Inger OZ7AGR • Bjarne OZ2UV • Linda G0AJ J • Richard G6VOV • Marita OH5KIZ Anita OH5FN • Ann-Marie SA6YLQ • Irene VK 2VAN • Sallie AB5YL • Ulla SM3XAX • Jan SWL • Joanna DJ5YL • Carsten DF1XC
th Sept. 5 Arrival day
Ÿ Dinner
Ÿ Dinner in Charlottenberg
SYLRA 2019 Agend a Ÿ Check in at the hotel
th Sept. 6 Morokulien day Ÿ Our destination this day is Mor okulien Ham station, Radio activities full day
Ÿ YL meeting at Morokulien Info centre Ÿ Our destination is the Eid svoll building Ÿ One-hour guided tour inside the building
Ÿ Gala dinner at the hotel
th Sept. 7 Sighseei ng day
th Sept. 8 Departure day Ÿ Farewell breakfast Ÿ End of the SYLRA meeting


Lillestrøm, Norway

Participants: Kerstin SM5EUU • Christer SM5BZL • Joana DJ5YL • Carsten DF1XC • Rosel DL3KWR • Hard y DL3KWF • Inger OZ7AGR • Bjarne OZ2UV • Gertrud DK8LQ • Horst DJ 9FC • Linda G0AJJ • Richard G6VOV • Anna TF3VB • Vala TF3VD • Anita OH5FN • Marita OH5KIZ • Marjatta OH1MK • Ingrid LA8FOA • Unni LA6RHA • Teija OH6JCT Annika OH2HSJ
Ÿ Registration to SYLRA meeting
Ÿ Bus to the club house of OH1AA for the official SYLRA meeting
Ÿ Cruise to Naantali, buffet lunch at restaurant Snickeri
Ÿ City tour by bus Ÿ Lunch at Restaurant Oobu
st August 21 Departure day
Ÿ SYLRA meeting call sign OH1SYL QRV
th August 20 Cruise day
th August 18 Arrival to Tur ku
Ÿ Dinner
August 19 Sightseeing day
SYLRA 2022 Agend a
Ÿ Visit at ABOA VETUS ARS NOVA Mu seum of Archaeology and Contemporary Art
Ÿ Gala dinner at the Marina Palace Hotel’s Juhlatila
Ÿ Visit to the Moomin Land Ÿ End of the SYLRA meeting



ku, Finlan





Gästebuch-Livre d’or-Guestb


Copenhagen August 19ᵗ 2023

My dearest radioamat

eur friends. We hav

e had wonderful adventures

together in all the Scandinavian count


thank you for your kindness and warm hugs for twenty years

73/88 Inger OZ7AGR




Gästebuch-Livre d’or-Guestb


Messages from fri



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