1.    Welcome – Ingrid

a.    Welcome

b.    Status of members (113 members from 23 countries)

2.    Meeting members introduce them to the meeting

3.    Contact person reports

a.    Norway (Ingrid LA8FOA)

b.    Finland (Annika OH2HSJ)

c.    Denmark (Inger OZ7AGR)

d.    Iceland (Vala TF3VD)

e.    Sweden (Solveig SM6KAT)

4.    Results from board meeting – Ingrid

a.    New chairwoman – Inger

i.    Thanks

ii.    YL ring – Monday, 19.00 UTC, 3710 MHz

iii.    Other things?

5.    Annika OH2HSJ

a.    Next meeting

b.    Scandinavian YL contest (SYLRA contest? SYLAC?)

6.    Webpage – Anna TF3VB

a.    Ask people to send information’s and news

b.    What do we need on the page?

7.    Signing our SYLRA book – give it to Annika / Finland

8.    Other issues:

a.    Nicky M5YLO (BYLARA)

b.    Liz M0ACL – Girl guides on radio

c.    Christine  VK5CTY – YL2012