It was decided that the name of the YL organization should be SYLRA, which is the abbreviation for Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Amateurs.

SYLRA´s aim
Promote YL activities in each of the organization´s countries and encourage YLs and young girls to communicate by radio and tell others about their activities. This way both: our hobby - amateur radio - and the Scandinavian countries will be known world wide.

SYLRA is going to be an independent organization standing outside each of it´s countries national amateur radio leagues.

Election of the "board"
On this first meeting in SYLRA the participants present decided to elect:
- one contact person from each of SYLRA´s countries
- one chairwoman
- one web master for SYLRA´s upcoming web pages

The next meeting was decided to be held in Iceland in 2005. By holding it every other year the SYLRA meeting will then not interfere with the International YL meetings.

If any matters which need to be voted on should occur before the next meeting in 2005, the participants at the Copenhagen meeting, each have one vote.

The participants at the meeting decided that SYLRA will not have any membership payment. We will as long as it is possible try to maintain a non payment membership in SYLRA.

As SYLRA is mainly an Internet organization, the contact person´s names and e-mails will be announced on the web pages.

Members of SYLRA can be YLs & YL SWLs from the Scandinavian countries and also YLs and YL SWLs from other countries.

The participants at the meeting in Copenhagen agreed on that the ones present there could invite their YL friends (domestic or foreign) to become member of SYLRA. (The use of the word inviting is to be understood as the same as sponsoring in other YL clubs.)

Other YLs and YL SWLs, than the ones invited by us at the meeting, interested to become members in SYLRA, can do this by contacting the different countries contact persons either by the web page or by phone/post.

A membership-certificate will be sent to those becoming members of SYLRA. Sending of these certificates will be the responsibility of the contact persons.

Web pages
The idea around SYLRA´s web page was presented and it was accepted by the YLs attending the meeting. A link on the index page from the logo should lead to the rules and aim of SYLRA in English.

As mentioned above, SYLRA will be a web organization - though writing in domestic magazines will entirely be up to each contact person, but it was emphasized that the name, address, e-mail and phone number should then be written in the articles so YLs interested in becoming members could get in contact with us.

A suggestion was accepted that a newsletter should be put onto the pages and a link should lead to this. Here "Bits and pieces" from the different countries could be found. This newsletter was decided to be presented only in English.

Copenhagen 15th August 2003

Unni Gran LA6RHA
The chairwoman of SYLRA