At the beginning of September members of the Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Amateur (SYLRA) met in Kolbotn near Oslo - 27 YLs and 8 accompanying OMs from DL, F, G, IT9, JA, LA, LX, OH, OZ, SM, TF, W, VK and VU. SYLRA is organised by WEB and openly for all YLs - now 113 members from 23 countries. SYLRA is escorted from the ‚Board' - ‚Chairwoman' and five contacts. After Unni LA6HRA is now Inger OZ7AGR ‚Chairwoman'. Contacts are Ingrid LA8FOA, Annika OH2HSJ, Inger OZ7AGR, Solveig SM6KAT and Vala TF3VD. Anna TF3VB is the webmaster (

Friendly OMs of LA3F organised the shuttle service between hotel and their club station. So we could operate in the afternoon after 17 o'clock there under the special call sign LA1SYL. On the way we saw the home of Roald Amundsen, the discoverer of the South Pole. We visited on Friday the fortress Oscarsborg and afterwards Droebak with its picturesque wooden houses, narrow lanes and the 'Christmas' house. To the YL forum on Saturday - the OMs visited in this time the fire-brigade - every YL introduced herself. There followed the reports of the contacts. At the beginning of September, 2010 the Autumn Contest SYLRA will take place for the first time on 80-10 meters in SSB and CW. The Finnish YLs invite to the next SYLRA Meeting in August, 2011 to Porvoo. It lies about 50 km east of Helsinki and belongs to the oldest towns in Finland.

Before the dinner in the gala evening we were greeted warmly by Kolbotns deputy of mayoress. It was a very cheerful evening. Sarla VU2SWS and Anna TF3VB showed us very lively dances.

With the 'Farewell' breakfast on Sunday the meeting finished. 19 of the participants started to the Svalbard YL expedition to operate as JW1SYL.

The island newspaper ‚SVALBARD POST’ reported in detail about this activity and appreciated it as a worldwide advertisement for the island. I was lucky to have a QSO with Liz M0ACL thanks to strong help by an OM from EU and prompting YLs in the Shack. After Svalbard Sarla VU2SWS has still operated quite alone from Morokulien as LG5LG and SJ9WL. All respect!

To Unni LA6HRA and Ingrid LA8FOA ‚tusen takk' for the organisation of this nice exciting meeting.

Rosel DL3KWR