12. June Arrival day
  Arrival of the participants
13. June Opening day
  Conference material will be distributed at Hlutverkasetur (located at Borgartún 1, on the 2nd floor), opening ceremony, workshop, lunch and tour to Borgarnes, accommodation at Hotel Borgarnes
14. June Sightseeing day
  Departure from Borgarnes to Stykkishólmur.
Sightseeing and lunch on the way.
Free time in the village. Gala dinner in the evening and overnight stay at Hotel Stykkishólmur.
15. June Sailing and farewell
  Sailing tour in Breiðafjörður (about 21/2 hours; see http://seatours.is/Tours/VikingSushishort/ for further info.), museum trip, and closing ceremony with refreshments offered.
Farewell to participants who will not take the additional tour. The meeting will end around 16.00 hours in Stykkishólmur. Those who choose to skip the additional trip will be able to take a bus back to Reykjavik. The bus trip is a little over three hours to Reykjavik and the fare is NOT included in the meeting fee.

Additional tour program for Sylra 2015

15. June Sightseeing tour
  Guided tour around Snæfellsnes. Peak at an old Loran station. Accommodation and dinner at the famous Hotel Hellnar where spectacular lava meets the Atlantic ocean and a glacier, all in one spot. It will be a midnight sun adventure by the Atlantic ocean.
16. June Guided tour with cave trip
  Your own journey towards the center of the earth in Vatnshellir lava cave (35m below surface). Interesting items e.g. natural phenomena, historical places and ruins viewed. We will arrive late in Reykjavik, around 22:00 hours.