Thursday, September 5th
    Arrival of delegates / Check in at the hotel
    Board meeting at the hotel
    Dinner (self-paid)  

Friday, September 6th
    Breakfast from 06:30
    09:15 Bus departs from the hotel
    11:00 Arrival at Morokulien
             Radio activity in Morokulien Radio shack – call signs LG5LG / SJ9WL
    13:00 YL-meeting – light lunch will be served during the meeting
             Radio activity after the YL meeting (LG5LG / SJ9WL)
    17:00 Bus departs for dinner
    18:45 Bus departs for hotel

Saturday, September 7th
    Breakfast from 06:30
    10:00 Bus departs from the hotel
    10:50 Arrival at Eidsvoll building
    11:00 Guiding starts
    12:00 Coffee & waffles at the restaurant
    13:45 Bus departs for the hotel
             Arrival at the hotel around 15:00 (3PM)
    Free time!
    18:30 Aperitif & Gala dinner at the hotel

Sunday, September 8th
    Breakfast from 06:30
    End of the SYLRA meeting