ThursdayAugust 22nd Arrival day for the participants/Get together day.
14:00 Participants arrive at the Hotel Prindsen in Roskilde around 14.00 hour where further information and T-shirts will be distributed.
17:30 Bus drive to Bjarne and Inger's place. Barbecue. Self paid beverages.
22:30 Return to Roskilde.
August 23rd
YL meeting 2013 & Gala dinner
09:00 – 10:00 Presentation from Clipperton Island 2013 DXpedition by Kenneth OZ1IKY.
10:15 – 14:00 OM's visit to Ringsteds Radio Museum incl. light lunch. Self paid beverages.
10:15 – 14:00 YL meeting at the Hotel Prindsen, Roskilde, with light lunch at 12:00.
14:00 – 18:00 Leisure time for shopping. Shops close at 18:00.
18:30 – ? Gala Dinner at Hotel Prindsen. Self paid beverages.
August 24th:
Sightseeing day in Roskilde
10:00 Roskilde Cathedral – Roskilde Market – Self paid lunch.
13:00 Viking museum.
14:45 – 16:30 Boat trip with coffee and cakes (please be on time).
16:30 Leisure time to explore Roskilde.
19:00 Dinner (self-paid) at your own coice (Hotel Prindsen has a special offer fixed price menu this evening by pre booking via Inger).
August 25th
Departure day, Farewell breakfast at Prindsen (self paid if you are not staying at hotel Prindsen)