YL of the Month — October 2018


Elín Sigurdardóttir 


Year of license:
My current license is from 2016.

Main interest in the hobby:
Oh, wow. I'm still so new to the hobby and maybe I haven't "settled down" yet? I like building and taking things apart, I like the people in the hobby, I like educating others, I like talking on the radio. In general, if I can enjoy it with others; it's great.

If known, how many QSOs and countries have you worked:
If known...hm, it is not entirely known. Less than 100, more than 50 and at least 10 countries.

Why did you become radio amateur:
Initially when I was at University I had no idea how any of the theoretical stuff I was studying was applied to the real world. The Icelandic Radio Amateur Association sent an email to all EE students at the time that they were holding a class for new HAMs. After that, I kept going. Because in this hobby there is always more to learn and more people to meet.

When did you become a member of SYLRA: 

Member of radio clubs:
SYLRA, TF-YL, IRA, Icelandic Radio Scouts.

One or two stories from the real radio life:
One of the most nerve-wrecking and eye-opening experiences in the past couple of years has been participating in HAM radio. I wasn't a young scout, I joined when I was "old and weary" (older than 22). Being from Iceland I also had not experienced large crowds of people. Last year there was a big scouting MOOT in Iceland (5000 people), I was there as a radio scout. One evening after a long day (read: panic beyond belief at the number of people gathered in a small spot in the middle of nowhere). Me and a few HAM veterans were all huddled up in the tiny radio shack, they all were behind me, cheering me on to try the radio. At this point I had only done 1 or 2 QSO's before that with the help of fellow SYLRA members. So there I am, sweating and no clue what to do, my ear not trained to radio speak at all. Then came the pile-up, man... it was like being thrown into management without any training. I did survive, thankfully, but it was a coordinated effort of everyone involved. I couldn't have done it without my fellow hams. That experience gave me the confidence to keep jumping into the deep end, as they say, and figure out the rest when I'm already swimming.
Another hobby:
I have too many. If you sound enthusiastic about it I'm probably very interested. These days I spend my days learning classical singing, scouting, reading, lifting, swimming, writing, doing school and smiling.

What is/was your main job:
I'm a student but I work part-time building charging stations for electrical cars.

Patience overcomes all obstacles!